April 2022 marks the 10-year anniversary of Pro-Install, with Rose’s Coffee Shop operating for one year in May! Fantastic milestones for truly successful Stanley businesses.



Pro-Install began life in a cabin on Hebe Street, born from a desire to offer the supply and installation of kitchens and bathrooms, with a side endeavour to stock necessary supplies at reasonable prices to support the local community.



Steve made the decision to seek new premises on John Street after outgrowing their initial location. After again outgrowing their John Street premises, Steve undertook the long two-year challenge to tender for a suitable plot of land to fulfil their vision of a purpose built space, and their journey on VPC Road began.



With the business well established at VPC Road, with plans for expansion, a joint venture to open a café was the dream of the Toolan husband and wife duo. “We could see that the community needed an additional community Hub to meet, relax, and chat with the addition of being able to shop if they wished.” Their efforts are greatly appreciated by the community and Rose’s Coffee Shop is consistently showered with positive feedback.



Over the last decade, Mr Toolan has retained a close relationship with the FIDC business development team, from their first start-up FIDC loan back in 2013, to the more recent financial assistance with the purpose built retail space and warehousing on VPC Road. Mr Toolan’s close relationship with FIDC has afforded him years of business advice and assistance and in his own words, “I don't think I could have gotten the business to the stage it is at today without the services they offer.”



With plans to take an early retirement, Steve and Rose made the difficult decision to sell their businesses to Seafish Chandlery Ltd as of the 1st of April 2022. Steve and Rose will soon be flying away for a long holiday in the UK and Sweden, visiting family and enjoying a well-deserved rest. “We will take time out for the rest of the year and think hard about what may come next, although Rose has told me I cannot start any more businesses but you never know.”



With over 27 years of experience running business, both in the UK and the Falkland Islands, Steve offers sound advice to future entrepreneurs: “Work hard and never give up, lots of challenges will rear up but keep at it. Expect to work long hours to achieve your goals and always reinvest.”



Hamish Wylie, CEO OF Seafish (Falklands) Ltd commented: “As you can imagine we are extremely pleased with our purchase of Pro-Install as it adds a new dimension to our retail offer. The business is a great fit with our Chandlery brand, and Steve & Rose have built up an excellent team of staff. As to the future, we have no particular plans to change anything and certainly won’t be closing the coffee shop to create increased retail space as one person expressed a concern over. As a public company, we have a long-term perspective on our business interests, so we will be looking to grow the business over time by reinvesting profit. One priority will be to get the car park surfaced next summer as long as the cost of asphalt is not too prohibitive’.



Baron Brunton-Goss, newly appointed Business Manager of both Pro-Install and Rose’s Coffee Shop comments: “After four years with the business, I am thrilled to be undertaking my new role. We will be resuming business as usual, building on the excellent work left to us by Steve and Rose and I eagerly anticipate our future success.”

For further information contact:

Baron Brunton-Goss; email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 21270

Hamish Wylie: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 55341


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