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    FIDC has an extensive library of documents that include reports produced by and for FIDC, minutes, loan and grant applications and development strategies. Please help yourself!
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pdf Credit Union Consultation - FIDC Results Report Popular

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The FIDC Credit Union Consultation - Consultation Results and FIDC Report was produced by FIDC Business Relations Manager, Michael Betts, and FIDC Development Intern, Joshua Peck.  The Report is split into two sections, the first focuses on analysing the results of the Credit Union Survey and the second section focuses on FIDC's interpretation of the results.

pdf Credit Union Consultation - Public Presentation Popular

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pdf Credit Union Suitability Study (Phase I) Popular

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Scope: Assist the Falkland Islands Development Corporation (FIDC) investigate the suitability of a Credit Union in the Falkland Islands.

Includes: FIDC introduction & Survey.

pdf Credit Union Suitability Study (Phase II) Popular

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The Falkland Islands - Credit Union Suitability Study (Phase II) was produced by World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) Consultant Dwayne Naylor.  The Report is based on the findings of his second site visit to the Falkland Islands.

pdf Fresh for the Future FINAL PRINT Popular

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Fresh for the Future - FINAL PRINT.pdf

pdf M Blake Wool Presentation (May 2017).pdf Popular

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M Blake Wool Presentation (May 2017).pdf

pdf Stanley Waterfront Development Master Plan Final Report Popular

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This is the Final Report of the Stanley Waterfront Master Plan project produced by Marina Projects Ltd.

pdf Value Adding Opportunities for Falkland Islands' Wool (01-05-2017).pdf Popular

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Value Adding Opportunities for Falkland Islands' Wool (01-05-2017).pdf

pdf Waterfront Master Plan - Option 2 (Images) Popular

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pdf Waterfront Public Consultation Results (2nd Phase) Popular

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Download (pdf, 544 KB)


This is a Report produced by Marina Projects Ltd detailing the results of the second phase of the Waterfront Public Consultation held in July/August 2012.

About the FIDC

FIDC acts as the national economic development agency for the Falkland Islands and is tasked to develop the commercial sector of the Falkland Islands by being one of the principal partners delivering the Economic, Rural and Tourism Development Strategies.

To help drive sustainable economic growth and assist in the creation of new jobs and opportunities, FIDC provides various forms of support and assistance to the Falkland’s business community.