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    Rural Development

    FIDC works to deliver the objectives set out in the Rural Development Strategy and, in collaboration with the Rural Development Strategy Steering Group and other stakeholders from the public and private sectors, to help further develop Camp as a thriving community and economy.
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The objective of this scheme is to set up a partnership with Camp residents/farms/businesses and work together to install innovative energy technologies and/or designs for the generation and/or usage of energy. The project should not be targeted towards the installation of a new primary generation source but to supplement an existing source.The residence/farm/business will have ownership of the pieces of technology or design and FIDC will have access to the installation cost and output data for the first 2 years. This data will be made public to help others in the Falkland Islands understand the technology or design.

Examples of eligible projects are,

•             Projects trialling the cost-effectiveness of solar photovoltaic systems.

•             Projects trialling the cost-effectiveness of solar thermal systems.

•             Projects trialling the cost-effectiveness of hydroelectric systems.

•             Projects trialling the cost-effectiveness of heat pumps.

•             Projects trialling the cost-effectiveness of hydraulic ram pumps.

•             Projects trialling the cost-effectiveness of thermal efficient buildings.

•             Projects trialling the cost-effectiveness of over-generation usage.

•             Projects trialling the cost-effectiveness of energy saving technologies.

•             Projects trialling the cost-effectiveness of demand management technologies.

This list is indicative; any other idea that meets the objective will be considered and assessed against the objectives and eligibility criteria of the scheme.

Eligible Projects.

To be eligible under this scheme, the applicant must demonstrate a solid business case and the willingness to trial the cost-effectiveness of an innovative energy technology and/or design for the generation and/or usage of energy. A business will be given priority as long as they can show how the project will reduce the reliance on fossil fuels, enable business growth and improve the quality of life.

Projects will need to demonstrate the originality of the source, technology and use of energy.

The residence/farm/business has to be in Camp. For the purposes of eligibility for rural energy partnership development scheme ‘Camp’ will be defined as: residents/farms/businesses located more than 10km from Christ Church Cathedral, Stanley and farm businesses within the 10km boundary (which are defined as farm businesses where farm activities are the primary activity, with a business turnover exceeding £10,000 or stock numbers exceeding 2000 Dry Sheep Equivalents as verified by the annual agricultural statistics collected by the Agricultural Department). It will exclude any residence/farm/business located within the boundaries of Mount Pleasant Complex and Fox Bay village (the boundaries are defined as being connected to their electricity grid or within the reach of the grid network).

We will try to have projects spread all across the Islands to get a relevant data base of different locations.

Projects will be assessed against the matrix and ranked according to their scores. The projects totalling the best scores will be financed until the funds are exhausted.

For more information contact the Development Manager, Louise Ellis at 27211 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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